East Peloponese.. Romantic, yet cosmopolitan, it retains an elegance of the past!!

Charming towns, beautiful villages, sandy beaches with warm waters, rocky shores, mountainous landscape, picturesque small harbors and wonderful people make this the ideal holiday destination. 

Featuring uniquely beautiful landscapes which provide an opportunity for relaxation in nature in combination with numerous ways of getting active, this place is like no other. You can indulge in water sports, relax while fishing or simply explore the land and the small islands across the shore. Visitors can enjoy a walk on the hillsides while admiring the panoramic views over the Gulf and, on the other side, the view of the plain with its fruit trees. The trails are also suitable for hiking and cycling. Daily excursions to famous archaeological sites and daily summer cruises to the islands of the Saronic Gulf must be added in your To-Do list here.

KIVERI - our charming village

The seaside village is Kiveri in the Argolida county is very close to the village of Mylous, about 8 km from Nafplio and 15 km from Argos. A beautiful fishing village with rich historic and archaeological interest and natural beauty .. with the sea making it a particularly attractive destination for visitors.

In mythology, Danaos was anchored here. A temple of dedicated to the birth of Poseidon and Mycenaean tombs have been discovered and remains of ancient settlement at St. Demetrios and ancient temple in Ai-Lias.

Given its exceptional climate and natural beauty and after the conquest of Nafplion by the Franks Kiveri was used for vacationing families of Frankish rulers, there was also a medieval castle.

The village's name KIVERI comes from the period when the KAPODISTRIAS ruled the country and spent his holidays in the village. The name Kiveri means Govern - GOVERNOR.

Two houses of this era have survived on the beach in the village.

The village has shops for everyday needs and for your entertainment. There are supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, grocery stores, kiosks, cafes and playgrounds, ouzo, pizza, fast-food and fish tavernas. The vast majority of residents are permanent residents and tourist development is little... therefore, the sea is clean and the beaches not crowded.


Nafplion was the first capital of Greece after it was freed from the Turkish occupation, and it played a remarkable role in Greek history. The architecture, monuments and museums remind us of this history. A picturesque town and one of the most popular destinations for Greeks weekending all year, classical studies students and of course, summer holidays. With its magical atmosphere and wealth of things to do combined with its close proximity to the archaeological sites that the Argolida is famous for of Mycenae and the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, Nafplion is an attractive destination for most and is located just 8 kms from Kiveri. The beaches of Karathona and Arvanitia are popular with people of all ages who visit should you like a busier atmosphere. The are plenty of museums holding remnants of the towns history - the Archaeological museum, the Folklore museum, the Military museum, the Worry Bead museum and the Ouzo museum (in the local ouzo distillery). Visit the Palamidi castlewhich towers above the town, the Bourtzi castle in the habrour and the castle of Acronafplia. Syntagma Square is the centre of the old town and the narrow streets left and right are lined with shops, restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars. The harbour is busy with people at most times of the day and the cafeteries are popular with people of all ages.


The Argolida prefecture is known as the "golden county" of Greece, home to the UNESCO archaeological sites of Mycenae, Ancient Theatre of Epidavros and the site of Ancient Tiryns, all of which are within a half an hours journey from Kiveri visitors flock to "Argolis" in their thousands through the year. Other lesser known sites include the pyramid at Argoliko, supposedly the oldest pyramid in the world, the twin chasms at Didyma, (45 minutes) great for people with interests in geology.

The Argolida is also famous for its citrus cultivation with many orange, lemon and grapefruit trees throughout the area. The aroma of orange blossom fills the air or the fruits hang heavy on the trees depending on the season. With its easy access from Athens (just 1.5 hours by road) the Argolida is a popular destination all year round. Kiveri, in contrast, is a private, peaceful village that gives an idyllic sense to your holidays whilst still being close enough to the busier toursit destinations close by.


The Peloponnese is a large peninsula south-west of Athens, part of the mainland of Greece, it is separated by the Corinth (Korinth) canal, a major feat of engineering that is well worth a visit during your time in Kiveri either to take photos from the top or to take a cruise on one of the tourist boats. The Peloponnese is made up of the counties of Argolida, Arcadia, Corinthia, Messinia, Achaia, Lakonia & Elia, each of which has its own charm. The scenery and layout of the land changes drastically depending on where you are and there is always some breathtaking view as you journey around.

During the revolution against the Turkish the revolutionaries had their headquarters in the Peloponnese and there are many monuments saluting the brave people that fought to free their country. Visit the graphic Arcadian villages of Dimitsana, Stemnitsa, Lagadia and Karitaina and see the gunpowder factory, library with wonderful collection of very old books brought from Nafplion by donkey and many other sights.

The rich history and archaeological sites of the Peloponnese are visited all year round and all are easily visited in a day from Samantha Paradise. The following are some of the highlights of the Peloponnese: Ancient Olympia (home of the Olympica Games), Byzantine Mystra, Monemvasia (Greece's Rock of Gibraltar), Sparta, Pylos, Kalavrita (rack & pinion railway and skiing in the winter), Ancient Corinth (Korinthos), Acrocorinth, the Corinth Canal & Ancient Nemea (home to the Nemean Games).

The Peloponnese is split down the middle by a high mountain range where skiing is available in the Winter. During the other seasons the mountains are a great place for nature lovers to visit with Mt Parnonas and Taygetos having their own eco-systems full of rare plants and wildlife.

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